Hämeenlinna, the town of Sibelius

Johan Christian Julius ”Jean” Sibelius is the National Composer of Finland. A great composer, well known all over the world. The national romantic music of Sibelius was in a key role forming  the National Identity of Finland.

Born 8th of December 1865 in Hämeenlinna  –  Died 20th of September 1957 in Järvenpää                                                                                  DSCN5886

Wife Aino (1892-1969)   and children Eva, Katarina, Margareta, Heidi, Kirsti, Ruth

Hämeenlinna is the city of the Great Finnish National Composer Jean Sibelius! Here he was born and here he went to school. Here in our hometown he spent those precious years of childhood and early adulthood. The County of Häme and the City of Hämeenlinna are always present and keep on living in the music of Jean Sibelius.

We modern day people of Hämeenlinna have a lot to learn from Sibelius! Very few become a composer- perhaps a bit more become an instrumentalist – and perhaps many more become a singer. But what we all, regardless our musicality, can learn from Sibelius is boldness, creativity and enthusiasm. We can redeem these vital things in many different ways in our lives and in our everyday life. Every one of us can face the challenges of our lives with a boldness and finding the support of other fellow men. We all poses a mighty dose of creativity-  we can brake the routine and find a completely new way of doing things! We have the permission and liberty to show enthusiasm in a childlike and in a completely un-Finnish way. We are free in enjoying the wonderful shifts of seasons of the Finnish nature, in showing interest in new people,  going crazy of a good concert or being in awe with a new book we are reading.

We, the people of Hämeenlinna have a wonderful opportunity to be excited of Sibelius, the great composer – genius of our hometown! From the music of Sibelius we can find the inspiration to our everyday life as well as the courage to face the future.

Visiting his old hometown in 1930, Sibelius is reported to have said – referring to the view of the natural park of Aulanko: ”These landscapes of my youth were in my mind while composing  Finlandia”